One Stop for Cellular AMI Cellular-based program guarantees single point of contact for services and support, and communicates on a secure VPN over Verizon’s public network.


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The Aclara Metrum Cellular Advantage

Aclara's Metrum Cellular™ is a public network solution with significant enhancements. The Aclara Metrum Cellular wireless network aggregates over 72 wireless carriers. This feature allows Aclara to offer our customers much greater coverage, reliability, control, and performance with their AMI systems. Another key feature of the Aclara solution is that it is architected as an open standards IP-based technology. As such, no proprietary protocol is required to communicate with Aclara endpoints. This all but eliminates the risk of a stranded investment and ensures compliance with future standards.

Aclara's Metrum Cellular technology is unmatched in terms of functionality and flexibility allowing the utility to fully support current AMI/Smart Grid programs and data acquisition requirements. More importantly, it will handle future programs that will inevitably evolve as part of advanced energy delivery, efficiency, and complex rate structures. The Aclara Metrum Cellular technology has as its most basic feature the ability to communicate with any endpoint, meter, or grid device as often as required and retrieve any information or data recorded, measured, or calculated by that endpoint or meter. A classic example of this is that with Aclara, the utility can configure the system to bring back any part or all of the data in the meter's ANSI tables on whatever frequency the data is required. This is the foundation for flexibility and functionality that creates value today and for the future of Aclara's customers. Additionally, since Metrum Cellular is a point-to-point solution and does not require any expensive infrastructure or saturation of meters to work, it can be deployed tactically where automation will provide the best return on investment for the utility.