STAR Network Electric MTU

The Aclara STAR® Network Electric Meter Transmission Unit (MTU)

The STAR Network electric MTU provides the detailed usage profile needed to support modern customer services, advanced billing plans, and electric supplier choice programs.

A backup battery ensures continual operation and receipt of critical data during outages. It transmits up to 288 meter readings per day, maintains clock accuracy, and performs on-demand reads, providing consistent and long-term performance.

Each STAR Network MTU delivers

Historic data storage

Stores up to 30 days of data for retrieval

Firmware upgrades over network

Uploads new functionality to uninstalled meters

C12.19 tables support

Supports ANSI/IC standard for meter data interchange

Outage and restoration management

Provides messaging to support comprehensive outage management

Supports modern tariffs

Provides accurate interval metering and supports time of use, real-time pricing, and critical peak pricing

Additional data

Reports account information, meter reading, battery condition, peak demand, tamper status, and outage information