Star Network
STAR Network Water Meter Modeule

The Aclara STAR® Network Extended-Range Meter Transmission Unit (MTU)

STAR Network extended-range water and gas MTUs provide high-power output in areas on the outskirts of coverage and locations with structural challenges. These MTUs make meter reading in hard-to-read locations more efficient and allows utilities to reduce costs, improve billing, and manage resources.

The MTUs transmit accurate meter readings on utility-defined schedules. Powerful, narrow-band transmitters broadcast over FCC-licensed 450- to 470-MHz radio frequencies.

STAR Network extended-range MTUs direct mount to most commercially available gas meters and also work with pulse- and encoder-register water meters that provide electronic output.

Every STAR Network MTU delivers

Long-lasting performance

Contains a long-lasting lithium-ion battery

Secure and reliable technology

Protects data from unauthorized access

Long-range power

Transmits meter data over a range of at least one mile

Hermetically sealed design

Stands up to severe environments and harsh conditions in basements and pits

Dual-port operation

Adapts some meter types to multiple-meter configurations including gas and water combinations

Comprehensive data

Reports account information, meter identification, meter reading, battery condition, and tamper and error status