Aclara STAR _select

Today, AMI (advanced metering infrastructure) is as much about getting the data you need to power new applications and services as it is about meter reading.

STAR Network AMR System diagram

It’s about using data-driven information to leverage your AMI investment to improve existing services and manage your water distribution network. It’s about data that’s easy to access and analytics that provide insight about resources and revenues.

STAR _select platform

Putting your AMI data to work – at the right time, at the right level, and in sync with your business, service, and infrastructure planning – is the challenge. Aclara STAR _select™ offers water utilities a set of scalable, data-driven tools and expert services to deploy and to manage their AMI-based resources.

> The Aclara STAR _select platform links proven, fixed-network communications with a host of integrated product offerings and professional services that give water-utility teams a full suite of powerful and scalability solutions.

  • Senior managers have access to up-to-date data and analysis for overall system operations.
  • Operations personnel see distribution analytics for water balancing and distribution versus consumption tracking.
  • Information technology managers can better monitor and maintain data security, and control end-to-end data management.
  • Meter shop managers can harness meter data management (MDM) tools to gauge in-the-field meter status and performance.
  • Billing and customer service teams have the confidence that the customer’s usage information is accurate, eliminating estimated usage billing and reducing customer complaints.
  • Utilities can give their customers new online- and mobile-device engagement tools to check or compare their water usage, and even receive threshold alerts.