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Aclara’s TWACS® technology is a powerful system that employs power-lines to deliver extensive and reliable AMI. The TWACS solution is proven today, with over 260 electric utilities relying on it for two-way communications, system monitoring, and remote operation.

TWACS technology effectively reads electric meters and facilitates additional services such as load control and demand response. Innovative meter end-point devices, or transponders, are the front-line components of TWACS technology.

TWACS-enabled, single- and poly-phase end points are flexible and can be programmed to meet the requirements of electric utilities for multi-channel, 15-minute interval data. Substation communications equipment ensures maximum throughput of metering data via parallel communications and message processing. A variety of backhaul options convey end-point data to the utility.

The TWACS system’s highly-tuned configuration guarantees rapid processing of meter interval and other end-point data. Utilities can use web browser-based or command-line software options for analyzing data. TWACS applications also are available for outage management, demand response, and load control. In addition, TWACS technology supports prepaid metering, remote connect and disconnect options, short-hop wireless solutions for reading gas and water meters, and an in-home display for direct communication with consumers.